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   I couldn't find a NASCAR

 spotters guide anywhere, so I

 created one.




 I have been drawing these race cars using    MS-Windows-Paint as my medium , I'm sure someone using photography could have a clearer picture , but to be honest  I really enjoy drawing the cars. The KEY below shows the additional information that I have been able to add to each picture. the  index bar on the left  should give you access to the  KEY  and the NASCAR Spotter's Guides for the seasons that I have drawn . There are also many hidden pages relating to my NASCAR Quiz.


Tommy's thoughts:


  The Daytona 500 guide shows the starting position for the race in a small green number on the door, after the race I add a small red number to show the cars finishing position

It is also a nice comparison for the season as the lineup for the races is always changing as well as many paint schemes.

The Daytona 500 has only 40 drivers, by the end of the season the number of drivers who have suited up is often  double.


This is a low profile site and is hard to find

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These drawings are for reference only , any reproduction for profit or publication in whole or in part is prohibited . This is an unofficial site and is not affiliated with any team or driver.       This site is subject to change at anytime. 

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image Ryan Blaney
image rookie of the year

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. 

Drawing race cars is fun, but I would encourage any artist to create their own unique work, try starting with different layouts and new templates with a different scale and then try to incorporate original written or graphic content.  

Good luck and have fun.