Tommy's Spotter's Guide Canadian Tire Series 2012

I am very grateful to TSN and to  those who have created sites to post their pictures of the races.       

Congratulations to NCATS Champion D.J.Kennington 2012
                                                and winner of 7 races
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 Ron Fellows has been one of my favorite drivers for many years.

I always enjoy adding the little red leaf to my guides.

Ron has appeared 15 times on my spotters guides for the Cup series, usually as an alternate driver, I have tried to put together an image his his Cup career together and I am looking for help.

I need to find pictures of the cars he drove for
               2004 Nutter Butter                                1999 Bully Hill Vineyards                         1995 Canaska Racing

I have added this segment to my NCATS page as a way of saying thanks to Ron Fellows for all his efforts to promote NASCAR in Canada.

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