Tommy's (please share with other fans)

     Just a fan who loves racing

                        and likes to know who's driving

      I always liked watching races and was surprised how many changes could occur from year to year , having a spotter's guide helped me recognize the cars and drivers faster.
   Each year I build a blank grid that identifies the changes , then as the year progresses the grid fills in.
    The drawing of these cars has improved over the years  ,  and I have tried to add Year End Statistics to help capture the history around NASCAR .
     The first cars I put together took more than an hour  to draw , but as I developed my skills with PAINT , I cut that time in half , my goal was to have the grid roughly put together before the DAYTONA 500  -  the best  I have done was 2009 when I  had    54  cars drawn and had to wait for Qualifying to see who would make the GRID .
     The drawing of the cars takes over 7500 pixels,   so when I can copy an element  from a previous year I take     full advantage of it, the detail is limited
and that has become the challenging
part of this art.
    I use the word  I   a lot - but this site couldn't have  been available without  the help and encouragement from my  family  and from the friends  who had seen my binder , and to my nephew  Jordan who showed  us that a web site was possible.

  Thanks also to Dad  who used to share  the  Races with me.
        Cars are more than metal ,
they are memories.                              

This web site is a means for me to showcase my art.       All these cars are an artists interpretation and will have significant differences from the real cars.

This site was formally known as

and is now known as

                   I have been asked if I have ever been to a NASCAR track before, I have been to Michigan I.S. but the race was rained out and raced on the Tuesday.                         (missed it)

 In previous years I have seen live races at M.I.S including IRL and Craftsman Truck Series and have been to the Indy 500 five times,  There is a local track  FLAMBORO that I have been to with family and friends.

         My dream is to experience the Daytona 500.


   Established   April  2010